54 American Civil War Supplementary

54 American Civil War Supplementary

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American Civil War Supplementary - ARMY DEAL

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Note: The models are made from non-phthalate plastics and tested for compliance with toy safety regulations

When the American Civil War broke out in 1861, the acknowledged leading military power of the world at that point in time was France. The military prowess of the French Army was evidenced by their field successes in the Crimean War (1853 -56) and the Franco-Austrian War (1859). Many military men on both sides of the Civil War thus looked to the French for instructions and imitation. Many Zouave units were formed. Dependent on the quality of the training provided and leadership on the field, some of these units did became famous or infamous in the course of events.

As the war progresses, military uniforms became simplified due to limitation in supply and other factors. The shell jacket became the most popular form of battle dress for both sides especially during the summer months and in the Western theatre where the land was hot and dry.

The models are designed to enable many of such units to be reproduced. As is our policy, the models depict soldiers on campaign, dressed ready for battle but before the first bullets are fired in anger.

Due to the close association of the European military fraternity, many of the uniforms are in fact similar except for differences in colours and other minor variations. The round peaked cap was used by the American and the British on many a foreign/colonial campaigns. Likewise, the havelocked kepi was worn by the French in Mexico and in many of their colonial campaigns and even by the Garibaldini red shirts in the Italian Risorgimento.

It is possible to form such troops including cavalry and artillery troops by the simple expedience of exchanging heads with cutter and super glue (cyno-acrylate).

The Range will be further supplemented with irregular raiders and soldiers with rolled blankets in due course.
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