P-60 GRK Hoplites-Thracian (+ painted shield)

P-60 GRK Hoplites-Thracian (+ painted shield)

Our Price Per Model
(incl. postage worldwide):

Hoplites-Thracian (+ painted shield)

Product No: P-GRK 08
USD 10.80 net per model
Includes postage

Note: The models are made from non-phthalate plastics and tested for compliance with toy safety regulations. Please note the actual content of the box-set may contain minor variations from the photographs.

Models are sold individually.
There are four colours (tunic-colour) for each model:
(i) red, (ii) white, (iii) yellow or green, (iv) blue.
Buyer to specify colour of model selected either at the Paypal check-out webpage ; or by direct email to seller at sales@expeditionaryforce.com.sg
P-GRK 01 = 1 piece red
P-GRK 12 = 8 pieces blue

Note that these are not toys and not meant for children below the age of 14 years.

Note also that while these models are painted with approved toy paints supplied by certified paint suppliers, the painted models themselves have not been individually tested for CE compliance by the seller due to limited quantity produced. Buyers beware.

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